Wednesday, 2 September 2009

On A Cresta Run

So I went out to take some photos with the Cresta II at lunchtime today but had a problem with the shutter sticking, I ended up buying the Brownie Cresta 3 from the same shop as before. I nearly bought it originally but changed my mind at the last moment.

Anyway I decided to remove the partially exposed film from the Cresta II and load it into the Cresta 3, luckily the worlds smallest toilet at work is pretty dark with the light off so it was pressganged into doubling as a makeshift darkroom.

One small slip meant I relised that I had loaded the film onto the internals of the 3 and then put that into the body of the II (the one with the sticky shutter, doh!).

Now in the 3 and ready to go (hopefully not completely ruined anyway)

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