Sunday, 12 July 2015

I Wanna See Your Wiggle Kit...

I had a request from Biffa a few weeks back for some details on my slalom set-up.
So here goes...

Deck is a Pavel "Paul Price Roadster" picked this up from a guy in NZ who got it from old mate and ex-pat Nat 'wafflesole' Halliday 

I have a variety of wheels of different durometers. 
Abec11 70mm Zig Zags in 83A (Lemon), 80A (Lime), 77A (Pink)

Also some 69mm Seismic 84A (Purple) 81A (Teal) which I bought second hand from Paul Price himself. 

These are the wheels that I currently have on the board. Cult Daredevils, Yellow 84.5A (yes really) on the front...

...and Red 79A on the rear. Softer wheels on the rear for more grip. 
Bearings are Mindless Hoodoo Freestyle with built in spacers and speed washers.

 This are the trucks - Don't Trip Slalocybins here they are before I fitted them and were all fresh looking. 
As you can see the track width is adjustable by use of the two smaller spacers, the larger is for the bearings. 
They have spherical bearings in both the hanger and pivot points.

Front is adjustable between 45° and 70° it saves having to mess around with wedged risers and means you can change angles easily.
70A RipTide APS bushings.

By loosening off the two Allen bolts the main body pivots between the two halves of the baseplate.

The rear is a fixed 15° with 90A RipTide APS bushings

Here you can see the wedge under the rear truck to take out the angle of the tail on the deck and return the truck to a flat mount. 

Here's the front, both of these picture show the flared arches of the deck  off well, allowing for a lot of turn with no wheelbite. 

Deck construction is 3 wood laminates with a glassfibre bottom with foam core in the centre.

PSD In-Side footstop to hold my front foot in the right place and give me soothing to push against when on a start ramp.