Sunday, 30 September 2012

Welcome To A Wiggly World

Went over to Ash Ranges this evening, borrowed a slalom board off of Trev, I've now been bitten by the slalom bug.
I had so much fun, last time I slalomed with any seriousness was in the 70's probably, I've had a few tries since then but this evening was fantastic.

Skaterbuilt Conekiller, Bennett/Tracker, Abec11 Big Zigs (or maybe Zig Zags?)
Anyway, loved the deck, want one now. 

Also took some footage with the camera tucked down my sock.

WARNING: don't watch if you suffer from seasickness.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Collection Of Hardcore

Whilst I was away last week I met up with sk8goa Nick in Lewes, we were staying just up the road from his latest skatepark build.

Housed in a disused industrial type building down near the riverfront, Nick has a vision of a skate commune including artists workshops, screen printers and cafes all living in harmony.

He hopes to have it finished ready for an opening Jam in about a months time. I look forward to skating it.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

No Jelly At The Party :(

It was my *cough* 50th Birthday on Tuesday and as I was down in Brighton for a few days decided to invite some friends along for a skate at Shoreham Skatepark.

The weather was dodgy all week but wasn't as bad as forecast on Wednesday, dry and windy most of the day in Brighton but then a big downpour at 3 o'clockish.

Me and the current Mrs Brown arrived by train just late enough to make sure that Trev and Gray had swept and dried the bowl and as we crossed the road to the park Nathan arrived.

We managed to skate until dark with only one small shower, then it was off to the Duke of Wellington where they had laid on a buffet, fireworks and folk singing, awesome.

Then Jelly turned up, gave me stickers and bought me a beer. Cheers.

Mrs Brown managed to snap us before the pub, l-r Nathan, Trev (cunningly hiding Trackers), Me, Gray.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Needle Bearing

Just back from having this done, 50th birthday present from the wife.

Awesome ink work by Ben Quinn at Tattooland UK in Woking.

Took an hour and a half. 

A bit bigger and more complex than last years

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Earleyer (More Earley)

Here's some shots that Trev took of yours truly on Sunday morning, thanks mate. Crackers.

The Fisheye really flattens out the hobbit hole in the close up shots. Especially this one.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Earley One Morning...

... well after the sun was rising.

made it to Sol Jol Park.

What a great park, very dusty, take a broom, but so much quirky stuff to skate.

The run in is very 70's halfpipe, quick as a quick thing and as whippy as a whip...

Love the shadow on the this one of Trev

gra doing exactly what it says on his shirt... 

Paul getting up there, nice one...

Friday, 7 September 2012

Flyaway 2

Got another Flyaway off of EvilBay.

Turned up at work whilst I was in France.

Classic colourway, chuffed with this one, it's all a bit wonky mind, check the paintjob with the holes.

Foam was a bit manky...

 So out it came and new 'memory' foam went in, could have done a better job but it can be redone if need be...

Will tart it up at a later date, I reckon I can get the scratches out. 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

More French Stuff

So day three or was it four?

Up and breakfasted in the Ibis and then hit the road to Coquelles to hit Cité Europe to stock up on wine etc. As I'm trying very hard to be good I didn't buy a lot of cheese, it is after all my big weakness.

Saw this in the car park, in fact saw a lot of them on the road, Peugeot 206+ 

It's only when you see the front that you notice the 207 front lights and bumper, very confusing in the rear view mirror.

Then it was off to the plage and an ice cream from a funky glace van.

Shaft drive 'Boris bikes', are the real Boris bikes shaft drive? 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Braderie de Lille (Jour Two)

So onto Sunday and the follow up to yesterdays entry.

We got the metro into Lille again, a lot quieter at the station and a bit more civilised in the city, walked in the opposite direction towards Vieux Lille and the Canal de la Deûle. 
A lot of different stuff out this side of the city.

 The crowds had thinned out a lot compared to the Saturday but it was still fairly busy.

I saw this which originated just down the road from home, they wanted 20€ for it so it stayed there.

Got handed this by a girl handing out little packets.

So we did buy some stuff, apart from the kneepads we got another coffee pot for the collection

A glass dish, which is very tricky to get a decent photo of...

And a pair of plates, apparently this pattern is called Eclipse and was made by Thomas

Got a couple of other bits and pieces too, then back on the metro and after having walked for over 4 hours on top of the day before we decided to eat in the hotel.