Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Braderie de Lille (Jour Two)

So onto Sunday and the follow up to yesterdays entry.

We got the metro into Lille again, a lot quieter at the station and a bit more civilised in the city, walked in the opposite direction towards Vieux Lille and the Canal de la DeĆ»le. 
A lot of different stuff out this side of the city.

 The crowds had thinned out a lot compared to the Saturday but it was still fairly busy.

I saw this which originated just down the road from home, they wanted 20€ for it so it stayed there.

Got handed this by a girl handing out little packets.

So we did buy some stuff, apart from the kneepads we got another coffee pot for the collection

A glass dish, which is very tricky to get a decent photo of...

And a pair of plates, apparently this pattern is called Eclipse and was made by Thomas

Got a couple of other bits and pieces too, then back on the metro and after having walked for over 4 hours on top of the day before we decided to eat in the hotel.

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