Thursday, 27 September 2012

No Jelly At The Party :(

It was my *cough* 50th Birthday on Tuesday and as I was down in Brighton for a few days decided to invite some friends along for a skate at Shoreham Skatepark.

The weather was dodgy all week but wasn't as bad as forecast on Wednesday, dry and windy most of the day in Brighton but then a big downpour at 3 o'clockish.

Me and the current Mrs Brown arrived by train just late enough to make sure that Trev and Gray had swept and dried the bowl and as we crossed the road to the park Nathan arrived.

We managed to skate until dark with only one small shower, then it was off to the Duke of Wellington where they had laid on a buffet, fireworks and folk singing, awesome.

Then Jelly turned up, gave me stickers and bought me a beer. Cheers.

Mrs Brown managed to snap us before the pub, l-r Nathan, Trev (cunningly hiding Trackers), Me, Gray.

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