Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Braderie de Lille (Day Un)

Got back from the Braderie De Lille yesterday.

We went over on Friday morning on the Eurotunnel from Folkestone to Calais and then drove up to Dunkirk turned right and then about an hours drive down to Lille.

We stayed in the Ibis hotel in Villeneuve D'Ascq a suburb on the south-eastern edge of Lille again this year as it's really handy for the Metro and the V2 shopping centre which has eating places.
We walked there on Friday evening and had a great Italian meal, a nice couple on the next table acted as translators between us and the waitress.

Up Saturday morning and straight to the Metro for a long queue at the ticket machines and then 7 stops later crammed onto the small train (not much fun with a claustrophobic wife) we arrived in Lille.

The streets were heaving already.

We walked almost non stop for over 6 hours only pausing to look at goods on sale and stopping to queue for some frites with mayo and a beer.
Only one skateboard spotted, a 1980's Toys R Us type complete, loads of rollerblades and a Snakeboard.

Loads of cameras though, some looked as though they'd been dredged up from the bottom of canals at times though.

Above is a Zenith Photosniper kit that the seller wanted 100€ for, although that was open to negotiation. I didn't negotiate.

There were also a load of Velo Solexes (Solexi?) and various other assorted motorbikes and mopeds, including a nice looking Peugeot.

Back on the Metro early evening which was quieter, a rest, and then into the V2 Centre for dinner at a nice Belgian themed restaurant.

More tomorrow in Part Deux

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  1. That looks like 'camera heaven' mate =0)