Sunday, 22 March 2015


*Mike Maysey Makeover/under

I bought this Skaterbuilt Mike Maysey Hybrid slalom at Hogtoberfest from "The Bass Player"

Wasn't too keen on the sticker job albeit there were some cool ones on there so set about removing them, all came off without too much trouble and after a quick clean with some brake cleaner to remove the sticker residue it was looking a lot cleaner.

It looks as though Helen Keller has been let loose on it with an electric drill however, some of the stickers were strategically placed to hide holes.

I had planned to set this up as Mike Maysey recommended with a Tracker RT-S / RT-X combo but didn't have one to hand. 

I did however have the Bennett / Randal combo that I bought a couple of weeks ago.

The rearmost set of rear truck mounting holes were an extra set that had been added, I contemplated not using these but then realised that with a 'reverse kingpin' truck the wheelbase is effectively shorter so went with the longer option.
A bit of judicious bolt bending and riser stacking, about 20° of de-wedge under the 35° baseplate and taking the angle of the flattish tail into account the Randal looks to be suitably de-wedged. 
I slapped some 85A Riptide barrels in it and some Lime Green Zig Zags on Seismic Tektron bearings.

On the front the Bennett needed a bit of tweaking as the original press in kingpin had been removed and it had been supplied with an 'aircraft grade' longer kingpin, broke out the JB Weld and fixed it into place.
A 10° wedge and a couple of thinner risers, Reflex Bushings of an unknown duro, Yellow Zig Zags blah blah blah.
Didn't take it for a spin as I need to wait for the JB Weld to cure completely before cranking the nut down from finger tight. 

Wheelbase is 21.5" 

Friday, 13 March 2015


Well a bit late I guess but...
October at Hog Hill is Hogtoberfest time. Full on hill bombing and slalom weekend.
Great weekend, old Guildford Skate Star mate Martin Pavey was over from Oz.
Mentioned it to Trev who just happened to own a Turner Summer Ski deck that used to belong to Martin.
Little did I know that he would give it to Martin as a present.

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Some more trucks arrived at work today.
A Bennett and a Randal.
Both have been narrowed to 110mm. Not sure if these are the Sk8Kings modded Skennett & Skandal.
The Bennett came with Reflex bushings and the Randal has the 35° baseplate, this will need less de-wedging to get the desired angle on the back.
Might set these up on the Skaterbuilt Mike Maysey hybrid. Although I had contemplated getting a Tracker RT-S RT-X combo for that.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Surf Rodz

Picked this up from eBay for £20 plus a little bit more for postage. They cost a lot more new.
It's a Surf Rodz truck with an adjustable baseplate. It can be adjusted between 60° and 0° in 5° increments so that's turny through to dead.
Not sure what to do with it yet, it's a bit wide at 150mm for a slalom truck but would make a good dead rear truck set up at 0°, 5° or 10°
Might see if I can get it machined down at work. Might be tricky though as the axles screw into the hanger and are secured with grub screws. Not sure if it can be done but we'll see.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Boom, the return of the blog!
Been a while.
Here's some things that happened. Back in August Trev bought along a little rocker deck set up with bottle green Kryptonics and Stroker trucks. 
Made by Ermico they were a predecessor of Indy trucks.
Crazy things that turn by the way of pivots and rose joints. Steer more like a car than a skateboard. 
On the tiny rocker deck with its short wheelbase it almost turned in its own length.