Saturday, 20 March 2010

Trucks of the past - part 2

The Bennett Rebel™ from 1986.
I don't recall ever seeing any of these.

Mr Bennett was the forerunner of Rockin' Ron with his aerospace technology hype and seemingly low volume supply of goods.

These truks featured...

a twin I-beam mainframe

a recessed shock tower to avoid hang ups and mashed nuts

a specially machined stud king pin

double conical Super Shoks™ 'super resilient, high rebound formula of pure gum, surgical and other space age goop'

fully floating Flexaxle™ 'exclusive soft mounts allow the axle to deflect in it's own dedicated channel'

Stak+Trak Plus, 'precision spacers provide fully adjustable axle widths from 6" to 6" in 0.1" increments'

Direct Drive™ Geometry - Only Mr Bennett fully understands this phenomenon.This is smooth responsive steering at it's finest.

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