Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I decided to set up the Z36 that I bought years ago second hand off of ebay.
I stripped the old griptape off, sanded it down spray lacquered it first.

It's a biggy at 9.75" by 36.5"

I was feeling a bit cramped on the Cockfight
and I people kept saying it looked too small for me. It is nice though and I skated better on it the other week than I have in years.

I had fitted the Pool Bombers to it though and it was looking a bit monster truck in proportions with the extra risers required to avoid wheelbite with 64mm wheels.

The Cockfight is now back to ¼" risers and the Lance Mountain Parkburners.

The Pool Bombers on on this Z with some Indy's that I got from someone on MAS who described them as 159's. Not sure what size they are as Indy can't measure anything properly but they are Stage 5 and at 9" wider than my Stage 8's which are probably 166's (who knows).

Anyway they've been spray painted to make them look like anodised ones (they don't). It'll soon chip off anyway.

I fitted Tracker inverted kingpins and Bones medium Hardcores in them.

I may have gone overboard with the risers again as there are wheelwells on the deck front and rear. I went for a ½" on the back and a ½" - ¼" wedge on the front to liven up the 17.25" wheelbase a bit.


  1. Too much riser.
    If theys park formula, wont the just burn instead of biting?
    Dunk indies in nitromors
    paint walls, grind trucks
    luv an huggzz

  2. Yep, stripped it back down again this afternoon, now running ¼" risers, much better.
    Got rid of some of the paint on the coping at Crawley tonight.