Monday, 24 May 2010

Freecycle result

Saw some film developing stuff advertised on Freecycle this morning, dropped the guy an email and he got straight back to me.
This afternoon I went over to pick up the Jobo tanks he had advertised.

He also threw in a lot of paper (8 boxes, mostly unopened) and then proceded to rummage through cupboards and piled stuff in a box for me.

A Quantum Instruments Radio Slave 4 remote flash unit.

An air shutter release thingy.

A bulk film loader and some refillable cassettes

A Hoya 50mm f2.8 Enlarger lens

2 packs of 4 x 5 Polaroid film (expiry date '03)

A Patterson developing Tank, holds 3 films.

And 14 rolls of Patterson AcuPan800 Black & White film (expiry date '99)

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