Monday, 19 July 2010

Dunwich Dynamo

Back in 1993 I found myself riding the 1st Dunwich Dynamo, a 200km overnight bike ride from the now defunct Eastway Cycle Circuit in Hackney Marsh out to the lost city of Dunwich on the Suffolk coast.

A surreal experience, cycling through the night trying to follow the route which was on a photocopied A4 sheet, you were only given the route to the 1st checkpoint where you had your card stamped and were then given the route to the next one and so on.
Passing a rave deep in the Essex countryside, I don't know who was more surprised ravers or cyclists. Cycling into the rising sun of dawn. Breakfast on the clifftops and coaches home for us and the bikes piled high in pantechnicon's (good word that)

This is the flyer for the 2nd one the following year.

The 18th one is this weekend coming.

I didn't do the 2nd one but instead did an overnighter with the London Cycle Campaign on their Summer Solstice ride from London Fields to somewhere that escapes me. Although I remember we ended up in an orchard of a large house and all piled onto the train back to London, hundreds of bikes stuffed into the carriages much to the bemusement of passengers getting on further down the line. .

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