Sunday, 15 May 2011

Panoramic Camera Tweaking

I picked up a cheapo 'Panoramic' point and shoot from a charity shop over a year ago.
Boxed, looks unused.

Now seeing as I sold my Vivitar UWS on ebay to fund my addiction for buying more useless crap, I had a look at this thinking it might be a substitute. Cheap, all plastic blah blah blah.
Now the way the 'panoramic' bit works is a just a plastic bit which masks the film, this means there is a black strip along the top and the bottom of the negative and then you need to ask the developer to print them 3.5" x 10". 

I figured I might be able to trim the masking bit away leaving a wider angle full frame. In the end it just pulled out, so I tried it without it in.

One problem is that the viewfinder is also masked so you can't see the top and bottom of the subject when looking through it.

Results with Kodak 400 not too bad, got that UWS lens-flare when pointed into the sun, no vignetting though.

Some results.

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