Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Tunnel

Well I got an invite to the Nike 6.0 Tunnel in deepest darkest Hampshire, had instructions to meet up at a cafe where we would be met and shown the way there.
After paying a few quid each for fuel for the generator we set off in a convoy of cars the short drive down the road, we then turned down a dirt track which turned into a dis-used railway track before arriving at a very imposing looking bricked up railway tunnel.

The genny was fueled and fired up, the lights lit up and we saw our first glimpse of what was to come.

We set to with brooms as the place was very dusty.
It was very tricky to skate, the tarmac bottom was nice and smooth but the joints at the bottom of the ramp coupled with the rough wooden surface sapped the speed out of all but the fittest.

Trev managed to get up onto the brickwork...

And get some nice grinds on the copingless ramps...

So did Gray (slightly mistimed my shot here) after he switched to some softer wheels to soak up the bumps...

Thanks to the local BMX boys for the chance to skate it.

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  1. Nice! Not many get a chance in there I suppose. Sounds tough to ride but unique.