Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Brrr It's Chilli In Here

Went to Brighton Marina before we left for home on Sunday, great shop there.

Very friendly people in there, loads of samples and everything rated out of 10 for heat.

I've experimented in the past with adding chilli powder and/or sauce to peanut butter, looks like I missed out on the marketing of it. This is made in Eastbourne by a customer of his who came into the shop and said "I make Chilli Peanut Butter" they struck up a deal and the chap has gone into production now. Also does a milder version a smokey one and a Wasabi one.
This one was the best from my tastings. 

I got accidentally overcharged for the items I bought as we were busy chatting and the guy wasn't concentrating whilst counting, he refunded the overcharge and threw a bottle of this in as an apology.

0.75oz 'Travel Bottle' made in Goodyear AZ.

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