Saturday, 11 August 2012

Skater-built Up

Spent the afternoon pottering about building this up.
Random stickers removed, polished up with a bit of Mr Sheen.

I originally thought about fitting the Z-Rollers but realised that had old school drilled baseplates so discounted then as the deck is drilled for new school trucks.

Indy 215's were way too wide, 169's were a good fit but still a bit wide with the BDS Dub Cons
I thought I'd get away with it though and started getting the Stage 5's ready only to realise that they had old school baseplates, DOH!

I had a set of Stage 8's but in the end decided to fit some Tracker B2's.
A bit of hammering and cursing later and they had Grind King kingpins fitted and black Bones Hardcore Mediums. Wedged risers slapped in between and it's ready to go.

Think the grip tape job was done by Stevie Wonder though so will have to be redone.

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