Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Dub Syndicate - Strike The Balance

I've been having a real reggae-tastic time this week. (thanks for the Basement 5 stuff Jelly)
One of my all time favourite bands is Dub Syndicate who record (ed?) on the On-U Sound label.

I refound this LP, Strike The Balance in one of my record cases tonight so decided to stick it up here for you.

01. Cuss Cuss
02. Hey Ho
03. Shout It Out
04. Je T'Aime
05. Chapter & Verse
06. Mafia
07. Hawaii
08. J.A.Minor
09. Boof Um Baff
10. I'm The Man For You Baby

On-U LP47 1989.


  1. Which reminds me I have Action Battlefield by the New Age Steppers in the loft somewhere.
    I will dig it out sometime for you to digit-up!

  2. Can you give track 10 a nudge ;0)

  3. hello, any chance of re-upping this please? much appreciated :)