Friday, 17 July 2009

Here Be Treasure

From Alpine Sports Newsletter 5...

"Well yes there's still quite an expanse of usable concrete around if you know where to look... This list is far from definitive but it is a start and is as accurate as we can make it. We have included a few places which are not strictly skateboard parks like Churchill Square in Brighton...

The Hampshire Skateboard Club, The Old Swimming Pool, London Road Andover Hants.

Self converted swimming pool with uniquelong flat wall. New improved coping . Ex Skatewave wood surface half-pipe. Food, club room, ultra welcoming

The Barn, Old Barn Way, Southwick

Classic Skateparks construction number, but a bit on the cramped side.
Fell out of favour during the golden period of The Cage but is now making something of a comeback as Pig City's only real skatepark.

The Level
more central council type skatepark which is not taken very seriously.

Churchill Square
the shopping centre in the middle of town which comes alive around 7:00 every evening. The best place to go if you want to find out what's happening in Brighton.

Alpine Sports, Western Road, Brighton.
Rollerskates and as much skateboard gear as possible. This branch does not carry the full range but should be able to obtain items stocked in London within one week.

Earth and Ocean Skatepark, Severn Brethen Bank, Banstaple, North Devon

Probably the best park in the Southwest. Highly recommended by several correspondents. Food and games still available. Skateable even when they decide not to open, if you take my point.

Two council provided faciliites using wooden half pipes from Arrow in Wolverhampton.
Small Heath - Milward Street Adventure Playground, Green Road
Just off the Coventry Road in the centre of town. Three halfpipes, one with wooden coping. Stop Press - one may now have moved to Kidderminster.

Hockley Fly-over
Another adventure playground which should boast a halfpipe by now. Unconfirmed as yet.

Completely unconfirmed, but there is supposed to be something somewhere, Come on, somebody send us details. Your reward will be in the great skatepark in the sky."

to be continued...

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