Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Tweakers Delight

A bit of background, I tried a Randal 150 on the front of my LDP board, wedged 10 degrees, now wtith the soft bushings and loose truck required to get the pump feel I wanted I found there was a bit of slop in the hanger in fact the hanger moved side to side quite a bit.
So I took a Dremel-a-like tool to the kingpin hole in the hanger and opened the hole out from the existing slot like hole...

enough to enable this (3/8" bore spherical bearing) to fit into the hole...

Then fixed it in place with JB Weld adhesive.

Have fitted a 2.75" grade 8 kingpin, orange Khiro barrel on the bottom, white on the top with flat washers.

Here's a bit of dodgy out of focus video filmed on my phone (it's tricky holding the phone and moving the truck) nut, top washer and top bushing removed so you can see how it works...


  1. Top tweaking!
    Are those wheels on inside out?

  2. Yes they are on inside out, it makes them the same overall width on the Randal 150 as the rear wheels mounted the 'right' way on a Tracker 129.

    It also means the outside edge is firmer. PW style

  3. Nice work there mate. Now if you stop the rain as well...