Monday, 22 February 2010

Oh No Not another One?!?!

Today's RSPCA Charity shop find.

A Miranda Solo Panorama 35mm camera.

£1, boxed with instructions and some labels to stick on the film cannister to warn the processing lab that it's in panoramic format. No technical spec for the camera in the instructions though so no idea what the shutter speed/aperture is.
It recommends using ISO 400 film for best results.

Looks to me that it just masks the negative top and bottom as it says in the instructions that '12,24 or 36 exposure films will yield a corresponding number of dramatic, panoramic format 89mm x 254mm (3.5" x 10")prints'

I'm also guessing that with a bit of tweaking it could be made to take full frame shots but wide angle to maybe rival the Vivitar UW&S

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