Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Rocky's Horror Show

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Now way, way back in the day when this was all fields and way before some of our younger readers were born there didn't used to be any skate dap catalogs Skateboard Magazines. Consequently it wasn't very often that you saw something in print about the fledging activity.
This article has stuck in my head since December '76 when it was published in Custom Car magazine. So much so that 4 years ago I asked what had happened to Rocky Brann on Oldskaters, see I wasn't wrong about the Gecko connection ;-) Alec 1 - TLB 0.

Sad to say he's dead now and I bet that bird on the board don't look like that these days either.

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  1. Oh Mate, I used to buy Custom Car Magazine, had every issue from '75ish to '79-80. Centre spreads on the bedroom wall. Used to go to the Ally Pally show.
    Don't remember that article, musta read it tho, recognised the topless bird.
    Great days...