Friday, 19 November 2010

Last Few Days Of Nothing To Do

Took advantage of this fact by going down to Brighton with the wife.

We went to the Duke Of Yorks Cinema see the new Mike Leigh film 'Another Year', enjoyable in a Mike Leigh type of film way.

I like the Duke Of Yorks, they've got a nice bar and they let you take your beer in (albeit in a plastic glass), we sit up on the balcony on the comfy sofas, very dignified type of cinema.

I had a bottle of Darkstar Brewing Co. Espresso, nice full bodied black beer that has freshly ground espresso coffee beans added to the mixture. 4.2%, nice black coffee aftertaste.

I also adopted another orphan camera from a charity shop, a Canon Sureshot Supreme of about 86 vintage.
The first Mrs Mullet had one of these, great camera, lovely f2.8 lens.
The battery is flat though so I am waiting for one to arrive, Boots wanted £11.49 for a 2CR5 battery, I paid £2.50 with free shipping on ebay.
Only paid £1.99 for the camera.
It's got a film in it so will be interesting to see what's on it.

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