Friday, 18 November 2011

Project Death Trap part 2

Started to strip the board down today.
Non-drive rear wheel is a Motoboard International branded 63.5mm (2") diameter, it had no bearings but a strange arrangement of washers, spacers and locknuts.

The back has a moulded in metal insert which is threaded, look like at sometime somebody has attempted to fit the sprocket to it.

The drive wheel is a Blue 65mm Kryptonic (2nd gen) which is worn down to 59mm.

This had bearings in it (gasp) but they were a slightly unusual size. Should have dug out the vernier calliper and had a proper measure up but look like 10mm internal diameter, 22mm outside diameter and 8.5mm thick. As opposed to normal bearings 8x22x7.

Now obviously I'll need some 10mm internal bearings to fit on the axle. I see Octane sell some for £18.50 a set of 8, can probably find cheaper from a non skate supplier I reckon and I'll only need 4 anyway.

Screwed to the back of the Kryp is the sprocket, fixed in place with 4 x 1.5" self tappers. As you can see I started loosening them before I remembered to take the photo.

This sprocket looks in okay condition but the one on the engine end has a tooth or two missing. The chain is fairly knackered too.

The engine is fixed to the rear truck so that it leans meaning that the chain runs straight as you turn.
It had a bottom bushing which had been compressed to death and no top bushing. Kingpin nut is oversized.

I had planned to fit some Hang Ten wheels that I purchased a while back from ebay but they are only 59mm diameter so a bit on the small side. I have some old Powerflex 5's which I turned down years ago to use on my rollerskates. They have a flat back which is good and at 65mm a nice size.
I'll have to keep an eye out for other options I guess.

Realised as I was packing everything away this evening that I haven't checked to see if I've got a spark at the plug yet, turns over okay so hopefully if I've got a spark it should run.
A friend at work has a petrol strimmer engine which may have to be brought in to service as a very last resort.

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