Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Project Death Trap

A few years ago I saw something bulky for sale on ebay which was collection only in Nottingham, got in touch with TonyG from MAS ( a man I've never met but knew he lived in Nottingham) and asked if he could pick it up for me if I won the auction, he said of course he could.
Well, I won the auction and he duly picked it up for me, after photographing it for me he passed it on to MonkeyLegs Pete from MAS so that it could make it's journey further south towards me, and it then sat in Pete's garage for a couple of years as we couldn't get our arses into gear to organise anything.
Recently I realised that a guy from work was making regular trips to the vicinity of Petes house and mentioned I needed to pick it up, he offered to collect it for me and delivered it to work for me.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Motoboard...

Obviously mine isn't in as good nick as one in a 33 year old advert and will be an ongoing project for some time I should think.
Got the original stickers on the bottom though.

Handy as it's got the 2 stroke mix ratio on it.

Lots of work to do on it, wheel bearings have collapsed for a start, front truck is a replacement ACS500 with no name wheels and strange looking bearings. HT lead is cracked, pull start missing, carrying handle missing, air filter box missing (?) the list goes on.

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