Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Shiny Purple Helmet

Another eBay purchase, arrived at work today in the post.
It was advertised  as a Death-Box helmet, not sure if it is or not, don't recall them selling their own brand of helmets but I could be mistaken, memory and old age etc.

Anyway it's not in too bad nick, the stickers will have to go unfortunately the R.A.D one is all wrinkled and the SS20 isn't much better. Same old story flat stickers and round helmets.
The photos don't really do it justice, there's a bit of flash glare that makes it look worse although there are a few white marks which at first glance looked like scratches but look like paint marks that will polish off. The foam inside isn't disintegrating but smells a bit stale and has yellowed.

I thought it looked too small but it's a nice snug fit.

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