Monday, 28 May 2012

Something Old, Something New

Not Blue or Borrowed though.

Latest acquisition turned up at work in a particularly skateboard shaped package.

Pretty funky griptape pattern.

ACS 500's & Powerflex 5's

Stickers (bottom) ACS, (top) Steve Daniels, Plymouth. Any ideas on the middle one? 

Kingpin crime!!!! Where's my Elephant Wrench?

A friend mentioned on Facebook that they had this a couple of years ago, it's older than him, I told him if he ever wanted to get rid of it I'd have it, so it needs a bit of work. 

I hadn't realised that the deck was a fibreglass one, almost in a Fibreflex style, it has a strange green material in between two layers of white glass. Very cracked and is shorter at both ends that originally. Now measures 25" x 6.5" roughly.

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