Sunday, 7 October 2012

Project Cone Killer- Update

Bolted the slalom board together today, there was a lot of swearing.

Firstly, griptape, now if I was a shop selling a deck and chucking in some free griptape I think I'd make sure it was wide enough to fit the deck I was selling.

Ended up doing the old 'racing stripe' trick of gripping one side, cutting off the excess and then gripping the other leaving a gap to stretch it out a bit.

Oh, I removed the top sticker which was at too jaunty an angle for my OCD, did it carefully whilst heating with a hairdryer. It now lives on the bottom of the deck.

Secondly bolt holes and wedged risers and truck baseplates, nothing seemed to line up, I ran a bit short of wedged risers and ended up running a drill bit through the baseplate holes to angle them slightly.


Bennett 4.3 on the front, used an old Tracker wedged riser that I had converted into a pair of 'rail' type risers and increased the wedge on at some point. Holey Smoke bottom bushing (deck side) Khiro orange barrel on the top with a flat washer.

Tracker RT-S on the rear, two Surrey Skateboards clear wedges which gives it a bit of de-wedge as it's mounted under the tail of the deck, standard Tracker bushings.

Cult Gamma Ray wheels, 72mm 80a all round.

Took it out for a spin to check it out, I could have used yesterdays blog title really, placed board on ground, step on, take a push, pump, wheel bite, slam. Rough concrete road meets skin, cuts to both palms of hands, scrazed knee, glasses bounce on road. Pick myself up dust myself off checking week old jeans (phew, no hole in knee). Tighten front truck.

My slalom test track was a bit damp and a bit green but I risked it anyway, feels good but I didn't want to go too crazy, check the wheel tracks out.

They were from this first video...

I then moved down the slope to a drier bit of road, I'm pumping down and then up the hill in this one...

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