Sunday, 2 June 2013

Box Of Trucks

A recent ebay win (or lose, depends on your viewpoint), big box of various trucks and truck parts. 

A set of ACS 651's,  at one time the Gold version, now lacking most of the gold coating.

Four Indy baseplates, 2 with kingpins, 2 without and one Indy 109 hanger.

A pair of Randal DH hangers.

Two Tracker RT-S trucks

One has been cut down to slightly wider than Midtrack width

One Grind King Jay Adams with a stripped thread on one end of the axle and a bent axle and damaged thread on the other. 

Two pairs of shock pads, two sets of Grind King kingpins (one with big flat heads, other with smaller heads) one pair of unbranded Grind King type kingpins, a regular old type kingpin, four splined type with dodgy threads, one bearing (no shield), three kingpin nuts, a cup washer, a flat washer, a GK insert and a random locknut

A pair of cheap unbranded hangers and baseplates, a pair of Speed Demon baseplates (one with a kingpin) a hanger.  

This is the reason I decided to bid on this package, A Radikal Dragons Claw front slalom truck, sadly missing it spherical bearing from the hanger and the kingpin is snapped off in the thread insert in the baseplate. Three more pairs of interchangeable axles for width tweakage.

Stridey has offered to send me a free spherical for the hanger, cheers, I have emailed Keith Hollien regarding a kingpin and insert but no reply as yet.

Whilst I was photographing all the above I thought I'd have a swap around with the 8 wheeler hangers
A much more aesthetically pleasing result. 

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