Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday Slalom Session (3rd time lucky)

Headed out for an early morning slalom session today. Plan was to hit Ascot race course underpass. Met Trev and Paul there. 
Unfortunately it's Royal Ascot next week and so the normally gated road was open to allow access for contractors etc.

We decided to try Ash Ranges, after a walk from the station car park through the woods we found that the Red Flags were flying and it was a no-go (unless we wanted to get shot, which we didn't)

Trev suggested a spot that he had cycled past recently that was not far a drive away, one junction on the M3. 

It turned out to be ok, not the smoothest of surfaces but quiet. 

The view as we walked up from where we'd parked

Looking down from about halfway up. 

Looking up from the same spot.

Some things to miss. 

Had a good time, rain stopped play in the end. 

It was all going so well until Trev volunteered to film me. 

In the afternoon I decided to have a fiddle with my rear truck.
I was impressed with its performance today but it still felt a bit surfy at the back, I wanted to get it feeling a bit less so. 

 The Cone Killer came drilled for multiple alternative mounts but in reality only the two extremes lined up with baseplates.

I've had the rear truck mounted on the rearmost set of holes but found this was giving me a really long wheelbase and it was difficult to get over the rear truck. 

So the holes in the top of the deck line up with the holes in the baseplate...

 But once you turn it over the holes don't…

Holes are drilled perpendicular to the top of the deck.

I put some short bolts through the inner holes and used the baseplate as a guide to drill through, so the holes are now elongated on the bottom of the deck but still round on the top. 

 Played around with risers, the softer ones are ok but squid out a bit, they do however take up the curve from the kicktail. 

I ended up with 3 x soft 0 - 0.5" and a thin hard riser to help spread the load

Still a bit of bending and squidging, about 10º of dewedge.

I'll see how that is next time. 

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