Monday, 17 August 2009

Didn't we have a lovely time...

...the day we went to Romford.

Me in the snake run at Romford
(photos by Andy Turner)

On Saturday I headed over to Chez Bass in sunny Dartford via The huge shopping emporium that is Bluewater to drop off Mrs Mullet and her sister.
I arrived to find young David running up a number on his Bernina sewing machine. We had a cuppa coffee and a natter before heading off to Rom.

A good session, Gnardog didn't make it though which was a disappointment for me.
Good to see Jonno founder of Decent Hardware back in the country and sporting a natty pair of his new shorts that will be hitting these shores very soon.

My big toe on my left foot was still giving me a lot of problems, it hurt just to kickturn. I had a couple of runs in the pool though but after a run out I decided to steer clear of it for the rest of the day and leave it to the big boys.
I didn't fair much better on the mini-ramp either. A knee slide left me with even more pain as I hit my toe on the ramp as I slid.

The most fun was in the snake-run which me and Dave ripped a new arsehole (once we sussed the tricky 3rd corner).

I was a bit disgusted with the general lack of maintenance and amount of rubbish liberally strewn around the park. They are keen enough to take yer money but not keen enough it seems to spend any of it on upkeep of the park.

No wonder the place is closing down soon according to the bloke down the pub...

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  1. Looks like a fun session. When Rom was built the review in Skateboard magazine said that the snake run was too tight... And that was when boards were less than 7 inches wide and running turny ACS and Bennetts!