Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sunny Sunday Morning

Had a good time this morning, up early and off to Kookfield.
Met SNAKEBITE from MAS, then that hippy fella DTB turned up followed by tv star BigWaveDave and some guy from Brighton who's name I didn't get. He was pulling airs over the hip and sweepers and the like.
John Langton was passing on his way to Haywards Heath and saw us from the road so stoped to skate. Then Ricardo turned up followed by another couple of Brighton skaters.

The local kids on BMX's in-lines and scooters were outnumbered but were very polite and didn't snake us or get in the way.
A great liitle session.

I tried to do a fillum of DTB doing one of his 50:50's almost the entire length of the coping in the shallow end but I failed, here's the result.

I couldn't see the screen on my phone to see what I was filming and thought I'd filmed Dave and then turned it off, but it appears I hadn't filmed Dave and then turned it on.

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