Monday, 10 August 2009

Marathon Report

Well, I made it, just.

I got taken out by a rollerblader about 30 seconds into the marathon. She stuck her foot in front of my front wheel causing my board to stop dead, momentum meant that I didn't and ended up sprawled across the track.
Grazes to right knee, belly, cuts and skin missing from right hand and left elbow and bruises to left hand and my left big toe which I stuffed into the ground.

(^^My toe lastnight - dodgy camera phone quality^^)

It's my pushing foot so every push was painful.
I decided to try the pumper out so made a quick pitstop and swapped boards.
Pumped one lap, it felt a lot slower but looking at the laptimes it wasn't my slowest of the day.

Finished in 2hrs 58 minutes, 13 minutes faster than last year so not all bad.

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  1. Well done! Hope the injuries are healing fast.