Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy 50th Des Mondo

I made the long trek to the far north (of Essex) for Des Jam.

The old fella was 50 yesterday, showing no signs of slowing down yet though.
Good job there weren't candles on his cake...

I had a bit of a bad day photo wise, the battery on the Canon is shagged and went flat after only 4 photos. Looks like I can get a 3rd party replacement for under 20 quid mind.
I'm also still struggling to get the settings right with the K20d and my timing was a bit out too.

Managed to get a couple of ones I was semi pleased with.

This guy was crazily good or maybe just crazy, this wasn't a make. He did drop in from here though and made it half way across the flat.

Sean Goff was there too, good to see him enjoying himself,  Rock 'n' Roll in the big bowl. The only semi acceptable shot I took of him.

Jellyhead was trying to wear the coping out.

Dean was too, in the pool...

...and in the bi bo

I managed a few scratchers in the pool, but still struggle in there with the uphill to the deep end.
I did hear a rumour that phase 2 of the park is planned and Dreamland are building a clover and a snakerun, fingers crossed it's true (and that they aren't uphill)

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