Sunday, 23 October 2011

Wiggle & Bomb

Had a text from Trev on Saturday inviting me along to Ash Ranges for a longboard session. Not the first time he's invited me to be honest, usually had family things going on or have used up my skatepass already in the morning.

Nearly didn't make it again as I had a house full of sister-in-laws, a brother-in-law and a nephew. Got rid of them in time though, that sounds harsh but needed a skate on the Spooky.

Met up in the station car park and after a short walk/skate reached the hills, some people already there including a guy with a Slick Willie's Pool Rider complete with some nice Trackers, I would rather have seen some period correct wheels, Road Rider 4's, Powerflex 3's or 5's or something along those lines instead of the Krypto Impulses.

So the slalom cones were set up and then after a while we went off to walk/skate the hills to the top.
Then set off back down avoiding the dogwalkers.

The last ride back to the cars was interesting as the light faded very quickly and it was darker under the trees.

p.s Agent Orange soundtrack as demanded by GoofyFootGray. 

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