Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Biggin Aggin

Some video footage of Sunday with Me, Trev and Dan at Biggin Hill. Not that exciting but we'd only just got there and were warming up (missed all the massive airs etc.)

Taken on my Flip Mino HD with an add on magnetic Fisheye adaptor mounted on a Gorillapod copy type tripod wrapped around the fence.

(hmmm , looks like Photobucket has trimmed a couple of minutes off of the end probably due to file size) The Flip software that comes with the camera does this 'Magic Movie' edit thing. Basically you tell it which video to do and it edits it down, as the camera was in the one location it came up with this (imho) rad little video where people fade in and out of view almost like a time-lapse/dreamlike scene. 

Music is by Vibrasonic incase anyone was wondering. 

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