Friday, 20 July 2012

Old School Pool Fool


This is me on the eight wheeler going over the light in the first UK pool I skated, down in Swanage at the Gaffers old school.

Can't remember when it was but must have been 2006 or 2007. I got the 8 in 2006 and it was before the Surrey Pool session in late 2007. Damn I've still got those boots.

I went with Monkey Legs Pete, Lumberjack and Sat Nav Pete D and some other chap who's name I can't remember.

Had to park on the roadside, walk into a park, through a gap in the hedge, along the side of the cricket pitch and climb through a hole in a fence to get there.
The place was a definite bust but we were lucky and managed to get a good couple of hours in and leave without any trouble.

I got some really shite footage on my phone at the time but can't find it anywhere so here's some of Pigdog's footage from YouTube, it's the square white one that features at the beginning.

Trawler has some good photo's on his blog too

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