Sunday, 29 July 2012

New Kingpins, Old Trucks

Project Old Board took a few steps closer to being completed this afternoon.

Replaced the old kingpins with some new ones from my trusty bolt man Don at Apex Fasteners.

Went for some slightly longer ones as the thread in the baseplate is a bit worn, got 2.5" ones, a bit too long as they now bottom out on the deck, either gotta get them shortened or fit risers.
Turns out I had two different lengths in there, the one on the back being shorter.
I don't think the fact that the new ones are fully threaded will matter.

Also fitted the new bushings and replaced the bearings with new ones for now, I think the old Nachi ones will clean up okay.

New deck to come I think if I can find something suitable(ly cheap)

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