Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Alpine Sports Newsletter

Back in the day the shop to buy your skate gear was Alpine Sports in Brompton Road London (well it was before the days of Surrey Skateboards).

To be honest there weren't a lot of shops around in those days anyway.
They were a shop that sold skis and the like hence the name.

This was of course before the days of the internet so ordering entailed sending postal orders or a cheque with a letter and then waiting for the stuff to arrive or if you lived anywhere in the south-east you went up to the smoke on the train and drooled over the stuff in the shop.
Their adverts in the UK Skateboard magazines were always the biggest and glossiest but with your order they sent out their newsletters these were photocopied black & white sheets.
I picked some up off of eBay a few years ago. For starters here's Issue One: Summer 1979...

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