Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Defective Orangatangs on the loose!!

Loaded have recalled Orangatang In Heat wheels...

We are recalling all Purple (83a) Orangatang 75mm In Heat wheels purchased between 2/27/09 and 4/29/09 as well as all Orange (80a) Orangatang 75mm In Heat wheels purchased between 3/14/09 and 4/29/09.

We've recently determined that a small percentage of the cores (produced by a third party vendor) used in these batches are not up to our rigorous quality control standards and may run the risk of shearing the bearing seat (blowing out the core and possibly causing the wheel to separate from the truck while in motion), creating a safety hazard to the user.

This is a voluntary recall: Consumers should stop riding these wheels immediately and return the wheels (along with date of purchase so we can ascertain that it's from this batch) to an authorized Loaded Boards/Orangatang dealer or to Loaded Boards, Inc. for a free replacement set. Loaded and all Dealers will gladly exchange the wheels for any wheel of choice, including the new Freeride wheels, provided the wheels are in stock or accessible.

The silver lining is that, while these cores have worked well up until this batch, we will be switching over to a new 3rd generation core for future In Heats
that provides better wear and slide characteristics. We encourage the performance use of these wheels and do our utmost to ensure that they will hold up to the rigorous use and abuse that they are designed for. We are fully committed to every product we build and we hope you will love them as much as we do.


Remember you can return your In Heats to any Orangatang Dealer. The EASIEST and quickest would be to exchange the wheels at any skate shop that carries Orangatang. It does not matter if you bought the wheels from them, you still can exchange there. If you don't have a shop near you that carries O'tangs, you can return them to the online stores on the web you bought them from or Loaded Boards.
- we need to see a receipt of some kind so we know when you bought these wheels
-it can be a bank statement with the date and the costs of the wheels
- the actual receipt if you still have it
-the online order receipt - If you don't have a Proof of Purchase, email us.

REMEMBER you only need to return all Purple (83a) Orangatang 75mm In Heat wheels purchased between 2/27/09 and 4/29/09 as well as all Orange (80a) Orangatang 75mm In Heat wheels purchased between 3/14/09 and 4/29/09. If your IN HEATS do not fall in these dates NO NEED TO RETURN.

1) Take your wheels off the board and take out the bearings. Give the wheels a kiss goodbye.

2) If you are returning to a shop just bring the wheels in, with Proof of Purchase and exchange the wheels for any wheels you would like that the shop has in stock. The shop will ship the wheels back to us.

2a) If you choose to mail your wheels to the online shop you bought it from or Loaded boards, find a shoe box, or any box and put the wheels in there.

3) Find a sheet of paper and write down the following:

a. Your name and Email address
b. A copy of your proof of purchase so that we can see the date you bought it.
c. Write down what set of new wheels you would like, it could be the same exact kind of wheels you sent in to us or you can get something completely different. CHOOSE FROM THE FOLLOWING:

In Heat "Orange" 80a
In Heat "Purple" 83a

4President "Orange" 80a
4President "Purple" 80a

75mm Durian Free ride 83a
70mm Stimulus Free ride 83a
65mm Fat Free, Free ride 83a

4) Seal the box up with some tape.

5) Send the puppy to the address of the online shop you bought the wheels from or

Loaded Boards Inc ATTN: Core Issue.
8370 Wilshire Blvd. #209
Los Angeles, CA 90211

Make sure to write "ATTN: Core Issue." That will help us know what the box is.

For your nearest dealer or any questions, please call (323) 782-0322 x 22 or email

Sorry for the hassle but on the BRIGHT side, a NEW set is coming your way.

Sing a song,

Orangatang Wheels

Luckily mine are all older than the dodgy batch and it's only the big ones that are affected...

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