Monday, 13 April 2009

Natural Reaction

1980 and I used to work at Tesco in Wokingham, there was a girl called Anne who worked there too.
One day she asked me if I wanted to buy one of her bands singles.
The band she was in were called The Mighty Strypes a local reggae group.
I bought one.
Listen here.
BTW I've seen this advertised on t'internet at £13+ if only everything I'd bought had appreciated so much.

Anne if you are out there in cyberspace get in touch...


  1. Hi was the drummer with this band.You must be talking about Ann Morrision.She use to play the flute and sing.Calvin.

  2. Thanks Calvin, Ann did get in touch, I didn't reply though, perhaps I should...

    1. Thats good!Is she still living in around the same area? I only just now see the reply you sent.Thanks!