Thursday, 2 April 2009

Wacky Plastic Camera

Still haven't gotten around to sticking a fillum in the Vivitar UW&S camera.

Here's my other 'wacky' plastic point and shoot camera.

It's a Lomo Actionsampler Flash.

4 lenses and 4 flash bulbs, it takes 4 shots in the space of about a second all on one frame of the 35mm film.

Unfortunately the flash packed up on mine, I did take it apart to see if I could figure out why but I couldn't.

Then it got knocked off of my desk and the battery cover broke, still, thinking about it the batteries were only to power the flashes so it'll still be usable in daylight.

Here's a shot of ol' monkeylegs going over the light in the gaffers old school pool, that's old school as in the school the gaffer went to not old schoool as in old school...

Bring on the bright Summer days and a bunch of mates at the skatepark...

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